A s Christians, it must be our great desire to live our lives in a way that pleases the One whose name we claim. It should come as no surprise to those who take the matter seriously that a life of loving obedience is what is required. A true disciple will do whatever the Master asks. Are you ready?

Perhaps you are one who has not had the wonderful experience of embarking on a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. We would encourage you to humble yourself, repent of your sins and give your life to Jesus before it’s too late. You can never go wrong with Jesus, for He is the only one who can forgive your sins and save you from a burning Hell for eternity, which is where you are headed if you die in your sins.

Even if you haven’t given your life to Jesus these materials will help you have a better understanding of how true Christians are supposed to live. So, when you decide to give your life to Jesus you’ll know what He wants you to do. Plus, as you study these articles and videos it will dawn on you that many of those around you claiming to be Christians are living lives far from what God desires of His people.

The beautiful thing about Ekklesia Living is that it exposes the religious hypocrite, the lazy bum, the proud fool in all of us. How much we love the Lord can be accurately measured by how much we are willing to obey Him. Words, although very many, amount to very little. Good intentions are wonderful, but worthless until acted on. Your head can be full of theological theories, religious nonsense or vain imaginations; you can read your Bible every day and know all about Jesus. No matter what you do or don’t know, once you’ve met Jesus there is one question you must ask yourself: will you let the Spirit of God tell you how to live or not? To put it another way, now that you know Jesus will you let Him control your life? This is the all-important question upon which your future depends.

For more than thirty years Generals James and Deborah Green, along with those of us God has joined with them, have been diligently seeking God, beseeching Him to show us EXACTLY how He wants us to live. The result of this quest is a system we call Ekklesia Living. This is not a new revelation but ancient. The pattern clearly laid out in the book of Acts. Even though we are far from perfect, with God’s merciful help it works. In fact it works so well that we are convinced that this is the best possible way God’s people can live.